Transitioning Military & Veterans Tour Local Industries

Metalsa is a global company with more than 60 years of experience in the automotive industry, who manufactures safe and sustainable products for people around the world, and is seeking to minimize environmental impact through innovation in their processes and products. Today, Metalsa hosted a tour for transitioning military, veterans, and community partners from Kentucky & Tennessee. It was a privilege to see their operation and learn more about how they are building vehicle frames here in Hopkinsville, KY. Thank you to Metalsa for allowing us the opportunity.  For more information on Metalsa, visit
Plymouth Tube Co. in Hopkinsville began operating in 1980 and produces net and near net shapes in titanium, stainless, and carbon and alloy steels in a 130,000 square foot plant. Transitioning soldiers and community partners were welcomed with open arms and given a tour of the facility. The staff gave an overview of all the components that are made in the facility and the history of the company. It was an amazing experience and we are thankful to the staff for allowing us to learn more about their company. Learn more about the company at
FP International has a 50 year history of providing a wide range of protective packaging solutions. They were gracious enough to give a tour of their facility to some transitioning soldiers and veterans and community partners on Monday, June 18th. The tour gave transitioning soldiers and veterans the opportunity to see their facility and gave them a better understanding of the industry. Many thanks to FP International and their staff for their time and hospitality. Visit for more information.
WKWB staff organized a tour of Walmart Distribution Center in Hopkinsville to allow transitioning military and veterans seeking a career path in logistics and warehousing the opportunity to see the facility. Community partners were also invited to the tour as well. Thank you to the staff at Walmart DC for graciously allowing us the opportunity to learn more about their operation.


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