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The  West Kentucky Workforce Board (WKWB) serves the seventeen counties of the Pennyrile/Purchase in providing policy development  and coordination for workforce development in support of  economic development for the region.  The WKWB also governs the local Kentucky Career Center System in the Purchase and Pennyrile counties of Kentucky.  Serving as the fiscal agent for the WKWB, the Pennyrile Area Development District is involved in the program administration, oversight and service delivery of Department of Labor initiatives throughout the service area.  

The WKWB serves as a liaison between employers in the business, industry, and public  sector and individuals in order to make workforce needs known.  The  WKWB also promotes and provides tactics to motivate individuals to continue their education and improve their work skills.  The   mission   of   the   WKWB is to provide an integrated system of quality employment information  and  training services to businesses and individuals through staffing/technology utilizing accessible service sites.  It is also our  intent to encourage and assist in the development of new training programs to benefit the region’s workforce.  We conduct planning, oversight, and analysis of local workforce development programs through the local Career Centers.  We strive to promote the region’s availability of qualified workers by matching efforts and activities with economic development goals.

The West Kentucky Workforce Board meetings are open to the public and are held at State Parks in the Western Kentucky Region.  Anyone wishing to attend a meeting or be included on the interested persons list can contact Cindy Massie at [email protected] or 270-886-9484.

WKWB Board Members have access to content such as board packets, meeting minutes and various other information via a password protected membership portal.  The aforementioned is accessible to the public upon request by contacting Cindy Massie at [email protected] or 270-886-9484.
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As required, under the WIOA, a comprehensive four-year local plan must be developed by the WKWB and the Chief Elected Officials. 
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Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act.
The West Kentucky Future project is an in-depth study of the region's workforce and industry. 
This project is a multi-faceted, in-depth evaluation of the region and with a strategic plan that will result in long-term growth and prosperity. 
The WKWB and the Purchase ADD undertook a planning process that helped position our region to leverage our opportunities and assets.